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Meliah Rage - Death Valley Dream
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Throughout the course of their career, Meliah Rage has refused to let line-up changes derail or silence the mighty metal quintet from Boston, Massachusetts. And the group continues to live by this rule, as they’ve just announced the re-entry of the group’s original frontman, Mike Munro. After singer Paul Souza exited the band late last year, a six-month search for a suitable replacement began, which led to a dead end. That is, until producer Rich Spillberg suggested that they should contact Munro, and get back to their roots. After being out of Meliah Rage for over a decade, Munro is back for more, joining band mates Anthony Nichols (guitar), Jim Koury (guitar), Darren Lourie (bass), and Stu Dowie (drums).

And in a twist of fate, the last Meliah Rage release to feature Munro, ‘Death Valley Dream,’ was recently remastered, with its release – July 29th - coming right on the heels of the announcement of Munro’s return. To mark the album’s reissue, a rare, never seen before video from that record is currently being re-edited, and will be posted on the band’s website and Myspace page in the near future. Additionally, the Munro-fronted Meliah Rage is currently working on a new record with producer Spillberg (who has worked with everyone from Steel Assassin to Josh Grobin), at Red Devil Recording in Stoughton, MA, and should be on store shelves by early 2009. Keep your eyes peeled for the next phase of Meliah Rage, which promises to be one of their best yet!

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Meliah Rage - Stranger - 02:45 € 0.00 Buy this Song !
Meliah Rage - Media - 01:53 € 0.00 Buy this Song !
Meliah Rage - Blacksmith - 03:00 € 0.00 Buy this Song !
Meliah Rage - Wear & Tear - 02:07 € 0.00 Buy this Song !
Meliah Rage - Madness and Poetry - 03:42 € 0.00 Buy this Song !
Meliah Rage - Crow - 02:56 € 0.00 Buy this Song !
Meliah Rage - Posessing Judgement - 03:27 € 0.00 Buy this Song !
Meliah Rage - War Journal - 02:40 € 0.00 Buy this Song !
Meliah Rage - Prideland - 04:06 € 0.00 Buy this Song !
Meliah Rage - The Last Detail - 06:08 € 0.00 Buy this Song !
Meliah Rage - Death Valley Dream (Audio Sample) - 02:37 € 0.00
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